Hey! I'm Lindsey.

I'm a versatile creative professional who integrates UI/UX design, art direction, project management, and analytical expertise. I have deep experience working with consumer brands as well as with financial, medical, and academic technology firms using responsive design to launch web-, mobile-, and tablet-based applications. I specialize in researching, designing, and building user experiences from start to finish, with a passion for understanding user journeys, streamlining and simplifying complex workflows, and building solutions for managing large data sets. I believe that the user experience is just as important as a beautiful interface, and strive to create things that are usable and useful.

Fresh out of the Texas Creative portfolio program at the University of Texas, I started out as an art director, bridging the gap between traditional and digital media at a major ad agency, before quickly realizing the power that UX had to revolutionize the way users interacted with products and brands. I then spent several years at a financial startup creating bespoke financial tools as an art director/UX designer/writer/jill of all trades, where I had free reign to utilize the creative and analytical halves of my brain as I created and developed the UX program within SWBC. I launched my own consulting service in 2017.

I'm an Austin ex-pat and wine nerd living in the West Village with two cats named Panda Bear and Alfie. I believe in red lipstick, Tina Fey, and the healing powers of cabernet franc for breakfast.