As a consultant working primarily with startups, every project is different from the one that came before it, so I've created this page to provide a holistic overview of my UX skill set. Every client has a unique way of working within their team, and I understand that piecing together the different skills used across my featured projects can be difficult. My clients all have teams of different sizes with different capabilities, and while I am usually the sole designer/UX team member, they all hire me to provide them with different things and thus require different approaches.

Below you will find links to various examples of artifacts I've created for a variety of clients and situations. I've also linked to a few featured projects in my portfolio that more thoroughly illustrate certain skill sets. I've also included several examples of things like design exercises and artifacts/pieces of work for products that were never produced, but that I feel are good examples of how I approach UX and work through my process.

Please note that this is a living document and that more work is being added continuously.


This design exercise asked me to pick an application that I either used, or avoided using because it was a poor user experience. My task was to evaluate the application and create design concepts that articulated a new approach for an improved user experience. The guidelines were to spend no more than three hours on the entire exercise, and to prepare materials for a 10 minute presentation (including questions!). The presentation component was considered just as important as my analysis and solution.

I prepared a report consisting of an executive summary, as well as an overview of my methodology and process, and supporting documentation for how I approached the app's user problems and solved for them. The supporting documentation artifacts include an abbreviated heuristic review/critique of the current UI, a sample persona, a sample use case, and initial wireframes/sketches/ideas for a re-designed home page for the application.


Talking to Users + Stakeholders

  • User Interview (One-on-One) + Script | created to research pain points associated with transportation and travel
  • Naturalistic Observation
  • Surveys
  • Card Sorting
  • A/B Testing

Reporting Data Gathered About the Users

Reporting Data Gathered About the Tasks

  • Use Case/Task Analysis
  • Scenarios
  • User Journey/Journey Map | created as part of an exploration for a new meal delivery service
  • Storyboards | 3 ideas for creating transportation-related apps to discover and address pain points associated with transportation and travel
  • Heuristics review/critique of current UI
    • Example 1 | abbreviated heuristic reviews of booking features of British Airways and Amtrak, including list of Nielsen's 10 Design Heuristics
    • Example 2 | abbreviated heuristic review (due to time limitations) created for this Sample Design Exercise


I am currently pursuing an Interactive Design Specialization through the University of California - San Diego via Coursera. Relevant coursework includes: Human-Centered Design: an Introduction; Design Principles: an Introduction; Social Computing; Input and Interaction; User Experience: Research & Prototyping; Information Design; Designing, Running, and Analyzing Experiments, and a Capstone project.